Three things to remember on a software project

During our daily meeting today, my manager made three interesting remarks about software construction that IT professionals should be mindful of:

1) Don’t build the software system whatsoever – This might sound pretty obvious but many people just ignore it. Many companies, especially those on a loose budget, think a software system will be the panacea for all their business problems and so they just go for it. Therefore, remember: the best software system is the one that doesn’t need to be written.

2) Throw the system away before going into production – It may just be the case that you’ve already started developing the system and maybe are even about to release it into production. Nevertheless, suddenly an idea might strike or a breakthrough might come in such a way that the best thing to do is to throw the system away despite all the effort and resources spent on the project. This reminds me of the essay “Plan to throw one away” of “The mythical man-month“. Therefore, remember: the best software system is the one that doesn’t need to go into production.

3) Build the system using the best industry practices – OK, you’ve analysed the facts, talked to the stakeholders and came to the conclusion the software system is still currently necessary. Well, in this case, go ahead with the project, use the best industry practices you can and build a software with quality that will make your users happy. Therefore, remember: if you do have to build a software system, do it to the best of your abilities.

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