Public competitive examinations in IT – MundoJ 45

My new article on MundoJ magazine (former MundoJava) is out, after about one year without publishing. In this article, my colleague Rafael Pereira and I talk about an interesting but rather unusual topic: public competitive examinations (the best translation I found for “concurso público”, in Portuguese) in IT. The idea for the article came from the desire to help announce the publication of Rafael’s new book, whose subject is Java for public competitive examinations.

Different from what happens in other countries, here in Brazil the candidates for a job position in public companies must pass these kinds of exams; and they are highly competitive. In the article, we go over the advantages and (a few) disadvantages of working at public companies, with emphasis on the IT industry. At the end, we present some questions of real exams with answers and comments (the questions concern primarily Object-orientation, design patterns, Java SE and Java EE). We appreciate any feedback on the article.

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