Poem: Let them know

That friend
The one who sticks closer than a brother
And on whom you can count to any extent
Let them know

That caring mother
The one who is always there
And thinks so highly of you, like no other
Let them know

That special person
The one you enjoy so much to be with
And is always full of love and affection
Let them know

Let them know, in what you say
They’re prized gifts from God
In all and every way

Let them know, in essence
They’re fresh-scented flowers
Set on our path with a pleasant fragrance

Let them know, every day
Both in small and big acts alike
Do it now! Do it often! Do it always!

A kind word, a gentle smile, a loving act
Simple things that make life so wonderful in fact

A heartfelt compliment, a warm hug, a tender kiss
Expressions that truly bring about such a bliss

Little gestures, don’t take them for granted
What are you waiting for? Go do it:

Let them know.

― Alexandre Gazola (December 28th, 2012)

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