Poem: On this road trip

On this road trip

I’m driving my car along this road
Up and down the hills I go
Have been in this place too many times to tell
I know every nook and cranny so well!
Across the horizon, I see a breathtaking landscape
Rushing before my eyes on this trip I undertake

As I stare at the marvelous sunset with no hesitation
I’m blown away by the beauty of God’s creation
Through the windshield, the beams of sunlight flashing
They remind me that: “From the rising of the sun to its setting,
The name of the Lord is to be praised!”
Oh, I’m utterly amazed!

The sunshine slowly fades as my trip rolls on
Giving place to a gorgeous night, the day is now gone
Now I just see the highway illuminated by the headlights
And a few other cars and trucks that pass me by
It’s challenging to see up farther ahead
And, behold, yet some miles to go, a sign said!

Over the radio comes a song about God and His ways
My thoughts start to wander off away
Wish you here by my side throughout
So we could talk, laugh and sing it out
So we could in His presence be still
And together praise Him for His perfect will

As time goes by and I’m about to reach my destination
I realize that life itself is a journey, with no exaggeration
A journey full of purpose, indeed
Not an easy one; agreed.
But God promised He would bring us through it all
When the going gets tough, on Him we should call!

While I arrive I’m set up to believe one more day
“Thus far the Lord has helped us”, I must say
I’m all set to keep on dreaming, trusting and waiting
I’m ready to continue expecting, hoping and praying
After all, in due season, He shall bring it to pass
He’ll do things that nothing will be able to surpass!

― Alexandre Gazola (September 3rd, 2012).

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