Poem: Winter is past

Fonte: http://wallpaperstock.net/winter_wallpapers_4338_1024x768_1.html
Imagem: http://bit.ly/1SESgxd

Let us sing at the crack of dawn
And arouse the skies, my maiden!
For the grief of yore is gone,
And our hearts are now joy-laden.
Through trust which outbraves the foes,
That looks on hope, ever more confident;
The glowing light ‘gainst all our woes
And henceforth triumph runs rampant.
Lady, See how His bounty doth appear?
Crowning this moment in love we bask,
For the sweetest melody we aught to hear;
‘How hast all of this come to be?’, ye ask;
By simple faith, I grant, that of a child
Winter is past and now the days grow mild

Alexandre Gazola (June 12th, 2015).

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